Commercial Bargraphs

 Bargraph Feature Matrix Commercial bargraphs are designed for use in non-nuclear environments. They may be used as HI-LO, on/off, or differential gap controllers and/or annunciators in process or other control applications. Fully programmable, these are the preferred choice for new applications, or for replacement of set point controllers, switchboard meters, other common size indicators.

BB101P Horizontal Mounting
BB101P Single Channel Vertical Mounting
BB202P Dual Channel Bargraph
BG101P-BG202P Bailey RY Replacements Single and Dual Channel
BJ101P-BJ202P Replaces Sigma 9270 DIN Versatile VMI 2000
BK051P 51-Segment Hays-Republic Model 216 Replacement
BL101P-BL202P Replaces Sigma 9270 non-DIN Lumigraph
BS101P-BS202P Replaces Sigma 9264 DIN
BT033P Tri-Color 1-4-DIN Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
BT071P 71-Segment TRI-COLOR 11-inch High
BTW71P 71-Segment TRI-COLOR Circular Array
BW051P 51-Segment Circular Array
Bargraph Feature Matrix
Commercial Bargraph Order Guide

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