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500 spec sheet

Analog Gauges

 Analog Gauges
VIS offers two families of replacement gauges. Both families include speedometers, tachometers, pressure and temperature gauges, and fuel level gauges.

500 Series

The 500 Series speedometers are available in 5-inch and 3-3/8-inch case diameter and have barrier strip connections. They can be configured in the field using DIP switches. These models have black bezels, orange and white scales, orange pointers, and bulb backlighting. The speedometers are also available with chrome bezels and white pointers, and in 12 or 24 volt models.

500 Series speedometers are driven by magnetic sensors. They have dual scales and are available with 80 MPH, 100 MPH or 160 KMH primary scales.

 - These ruggedized instruments feature:

  • Corrosion-resistant, water-tight steel housings
  • A full 5-year, 500,000 mile warranty
  • U-clamp mounting brackets
  • English or metric dials
900 Series


  • Quartz crystal timebase
  • Reliable AccuCoilTM II vector meter movement
  • English (85 MPH) or metric (160 KPH) scales with or without metric/English subscales
  • Available in 3-1/2 inch or 5-inch case diameter
  • Choice of black (standard), chrome, or striped bezel
  • Low-wattage bulbe illumination
  • Wireless bulb sockets
  • Externally accessible configuration switches
  • Stepper motor drive for smooth quiet odometer

  • Optional integral 10,000-mile trip odometer
  • Optional two-speed axle switching

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