Nuclear-Related Bargraphs

 Bargraph Feature Matrix Class 1 (1E) and Class II (seismic only) nuclear-rated bargraphs are functionally identical to their commercially-rated counterparts but they include the following:

  • Software for the Class I bargraphs has been verified and validated (V&V) to IEEE-, 1993 standards.
  • EMI/RFI testing has been performed to current Nuclear Utility requirements.
  • Mild-environment qualification to IEEE-323-1983 and IEEE-344-1987
AMETEK's VIS Quality programs include 10CFR50. Appendix B, audited by a member of NUPIC.

Use the following table to associate commercial bargraphs with their Class I and Class II counterparts.

Commercial  Class 1 Class II
 BB101/202P  SA101/202P  BA101/202P
 BG101/202P  SH101/202P  BH101/202P
 BJ101/202P  SN101/202P  BN101/202P
 BL101/202P  SL101/202P  AL101/202P
 BS101/202P  SS101/202P  AS101/202P
 BT033P  ST033P  AT033P

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